About us

Upon returning to Croatia, the owner, Jozo Tolić, decided to make use of the experience he acquired by working in a retirement home in Switzerland for 15 years, and he opened the first nursing home in 2002 in Lučko, District of Novi Zagreb.
The nursing home was built and furbished according to the highest accommodation standards for the elderly and infirm, and can provide either temporary or permanent accommodation for 88 residents.
In view of tackling the problem of accommodating senior citizens and prompted by our long experience, we decided to build another exclusive nursing home in Gronja Bistra.

The second nursing home “Tolić Bistra” opened in June 2009 in Gornja Bistra. It is situated at a convenient, peaceful location at the foot of Sljeme mountain, surrounded by nature and close to Zagreb.
The nursing home stretches over 2450 m² and can accommodate 98 residents.
Nursing homes “Tolić” and “Tolić Bistra” were built and furbished according to the highest accommodation standards for the elderly and infirm. The nursing homes provide single, double and triple bedded rooms as well as suites. The buildings are equipped with lifts for mobile and immobile persons. Residents can spend their free time in the living room area, library or café where they can enjoy different activities adapted to their needs and interests or spend time with other residents. They can also take walk in the park.
By being accommodated in our nursing homes, residents receive appropriate medical care. Their health is being monitored 24 hours a day and they receive physical therapy and rehabilitation, work therapy, suitable diet, laundry service and medical transport. A team comprised of an experienced social worker, work and physical therapist, nurses, technicians and other auxiliary staff ensures the wellbeing of the residents.


With joy, we wish to inform you that the Home for the Aged and Infirm "Tolic" 01.10.2012. launches an entirely new project, building a new facility.


Here you can find all the necessary documents for lodging.